Heartland Technology




Basic Rates

Telephone Hookup - $30.00
Residential (Local calls only) - $25.50/month
Business (Local calls only) - $35.20/month

Calling Features

Call Waiting - $1.50/month
Caller ID - $3.00/month
Caller ID on Call Waiting - $1.00/month
Call Forwarding - $1.50/month
Call Forwarding on Busy Signal - $1.50/month
Voicemail - $4.50/month
Unlisted Number - $3.00/month
Toll Restrictor with PIN Number - $1.50/month


Low-Income Iowans Telephone Assistance program:

Low-income telephone assistance is available to qualifying low-income Iowans as part of a federal support programs; Lifeline is available through Farmers Mutual Telephone. Lifeline is a program that assists qualified low-income Iowans by providing a monthly credit on their telephone bill.

Telephone Complaint Procedures:

If you have a complaint concerning your telephone service, please ask to speak with Tony Lang, Mgr., at the Farmers Mutual Telephone office. Click here for contact information.

If Farmers Mutual Telephone does not resolve your complaint, the service may be subject to state regulation. You may contact the Iowa Utilities Board, Department of Commerce, 350 Maple St., Des Moines, IA 50319 or call them at 515.281.3839 or toll free 877.565.4450.


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